Good Times (DVD) Review

Nominated for three Golden Globes, Good Times opened in mid-season 1974 to market recognition and prevalent critical acclaim. A spin-off of-the Bea Arthur (of Golden Girls celebrity) sitcom Maude (1972), Good Times became the last of five highly profitable sitcoms brought into being through the 1970’s decade by Norman Lear. As well as Maude, these sitcoms were All In The Family (1971), Sanford & Son (1972), and The Jeffersons (1975). The 2nd of three to target specifically on African-American family life, Good Times became a source for amazing social commentary in compliment to its penchant for hilarious family humor

Good Times centers around the lives of James (John Amos) and Florida Evans (Esther Rolle), an African-American couple raising their three children in a Chicago housing development. Oldest child J.J. (Jimmie Walker) is just a skinny, wisecracking girls man having an appreciation for painting. This dynamite essay has a myriad of fine lessons for the meaning behind this activity. Middle child Thelma (BernNadette Stanis) plays the role of moderating influence on the passions of her two brothers, while youngest son Michael (Ralph Carter) is definitely associated with a cause to help others or end an injustice. The household is usually visited by Florida’s best friend from senior high school, Willona (Ja’net DuBois), who also lives in the task. In later times, she is associated with adopted girl Penny (Janet Jackson). With additional comic relief provided by obese tremendous Nathan Bookman (Johnny Brown), Good Times is a family-oriented TV-SERIES packed with great one-liners and loads of laugh-tracks

The Good Times DVD (Season 1) features a number of entertaining episodes like the collection premiere ‘Too Old Blues’ where James is exciting in the prospect of being employed for a high-paying job. Get more on our favorite related use with – Navigate to this hyperlink: details. But while at the meeting, James finds the training curriculum for your work just allows certified individuals aged 18-35. At 42, he’s too old for the job. Meanwhile, Florida and the children have put together a surprise party unaware that James was rejected Other significant periods from Season 1 include ‘Getting Up the Rent’ in which the Evans family is faced with an eviction notice, compelling each member to develop a scheme for coming up with the necessary cash, and ‘The Visitor’ in which Michael’s letter-to-the-editor about the housing conditions at the Evans’ challenge merits a visit from a housing commission official who experiences the squalor firsthand

Below is just a number of symptoms included o-n the Good Times (Season 1) DVD:

Event 1 (Too Previous Blues) Air Date: 02-08-1974

Event 2 (Black Jesus) Air Date: 02-15-1974

Event 3 (Getting Up the Rent) Air Date: 02-22-1974

Show 4 (God’s Organization is Good Business) Air Date: 03-01-1974

Event 5 (Jordan Gets Suspended) Air Date: 03-08-1974

Episode 6 (Sex and the Evans Family) Air Date: 03-15-1974

Episode 7 (Junior Gets a Patron) Air Date: 03-22-1974

Episode 8 (Junior the Senior) Air Date: 03-29-1974

Episode 9 (The Customer) Air Date: 04-05-1974

Episode 10 (Springtime in the-ghetto) Air Date: 04-19-1974

Show 11 (It Commercial) Air Date: 04-26-1974

Event 1-2 (The Check Up) Air Date: 05-03-1974

Event 1-3 (My Son the Lover) Air Date: 05-10-1974. For a different perspective, we know you take a gaze at: on-line. Learn more on our related encyclopedia – Click here:

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